Vinyl flooring in Tucson wins over every other floor types when it comes to cost, durability and cleaning. Vinyl flooring is not only resilient but is aesthetically pleasing with many options and designs to choose from. This article provides more information on the benefits of vinyl flooring and how to choose your vinyl floors.

Benefits Of Vinyl Flooring In Tucson

Vinyl sheet flooring and tile come in many styles and colors. Vinyl tile shapes can be custom cut and can be laid out in different colors, patterns and finishes. The design flexibility is one of the most popular features offered by vinyl flooring. Vinyl can mimic the look of other floors like wood, stone or ceramic designs and when used by designers, they can be used to make a room look smaller or larger by creating different patterns. The color and pattern of the vinyl tiles is quite durable and lasts longer with routine maintenance and cleaning.

Vinyl flooring also reduce noise and is soft and comfortable underfoot unlike hardwood or ceramic tiled floors. They are quite durable with easy to remove spills functionality. They are one of the most economical options available in the floor installations. Safety is another important benefit of vinyl flooring. Due to its slip resistant surface and water resistant feature, they are used popularly in hospitals and other health care facilities.

Vinyl Composite and Solid Tiles For Vinyl Flooring In Tucson

Solid vinyl tile is manufactured by molding vinyl resins with fillers into the required shape and size of the tile. This type of tile has a natural look and is available in various patterns and colors. The colors are homogenous and prevent damages caused by gouging or scratching the floor.

Vinyl composite tile is very fast becoming a popular flooring material in Tucson. These tiles combine vinyl resin with mineral filler that renders them extremely hard, durable and resilient. These tiles need to be installed on a smooth sub-floor or else then can be a little brittle and little dirt or grit can cause them to crack over time. They also come in many colors and patterns and are scratch resistant. These vinyl tiles are popular for both commercial and residential installations.

Printed Vinyl Tiles For Vinyl Flooring In Tucson

Printed vinyl tiles are manufactured in layers of padded backing, a print layer and then clear wear layers over the printed surface to protect it from damage. Any image can be imprinted on these tiles even the look of natural tiles like stones, marbles and hardwood. You can also get designer tiles with images of stones, mosaic and river stones on them. The wear layers of printed tiles make them easy to clean and maintain. Quality of the wear layers dictates the tile’s durability. You can choose from three different grades of wear layer thickness.