If you have recently gone through a divorce and you are not collecting child support like you are supposed to be, you may want to set up an appointment with Karen A Casey Esq. LLC. This is a Child Support Huntington NY lawyer who is going to work hard to help you to get the money that you are legally entitled to. After all, you deserve this money to help you to pay for the needs of your children.

Going through a divorce is never a convenient situation. This is especially the case for the kids. The last thing that you want to put them through is not having enough money to buy the necessities in life. Every child deserves to have food and clothing and some type of allowance. Hopefully, if they have a comfortable lifestyle, the divorce will be a little less difficult for them. In order to get this child support, you may need a Child Support Huntington NY lawyer on your side.

Generally, the child support is awarded in the divorce. In some cases, it can be automatically deducted from the responsible parents income. However, if they were to leave their job for some reason, or they weren’t working, the child support wouldn’t be paid. This means that the child is going to have to do without. Rather than going through such a headache on your own, get on the phone with a Child Support Huntington NY lawyer. Your lawyer will be by your side helping you to get the money that you need to support your children.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you don’t need or deserve this money. It is your legal right to collect it. If your former spouse is out of work for some reason, the child support is still going to accrue. This is money that needs to be paid until the child reaches the legal age of 18 years old. If it isn’t paid, it will still be owed to the custodial parent. To learn more, sit down with a Child Support Huntington NY lawyer who will help you through the process.