Removing large branches from trees is just about always a job best left to professionals. After all, improper removal can pose a hazard to both to the person cutting off the branch and to the tree itself. Often, inexperienced pruners cut limbs off improperly and irreparably wound the tree in the process, which can lead to a situation where the entire tree must be removed. Even deciding when branch removal in Queens County NY is really necessary can be a bit of a challenge. Property owners may want to keep an eye out for the following warning signs that it’s time to start thinking about removing one or more branches from an otherwise healthy tree.

Dead or Damaged Branches

If a branch has been damaged by winter weather or a spring storm, it will need to be removed. Failing to remove dead or severely damaged branches can leave the tree vulnerable to insects and diseases. The broken branch acts like an open wound, and removing it entirely is the best way to clean it up.

Avoiding Disease

If one or more branches on an otherwise healthy tree are showing signs of disease such as discoloration, abnormal blistering, or peeling bark, it’s best to remove them as quickly as possible to prevent the disease or infestation from spreading to other branches. If the disease is allowed to spread, not only will the tree most likely need to be removed, but other nearby specimens may also be affected.

Safety Concerns

Limbs that are growing too close to man-made structures such as houses, sheds, or power lines typically need to be removed for the sake of inhabitants’ safety. All it takes is a strong wind to cause serious damage to an already weakened branch. If the branch is located above a house, it can pose a danger to both the structure and the people living inside it.

Eliminating Weak Branches

Narrow or weak branches often split apart from the trunk as trees age. Similarly, crossing branches can damage each other over time if they are allowed to co-exist. In cases like these, decisions about whether or not branch removal in Queens County NY is appropriate are best left to a tree specialist. Visit to find more information or to get in touch with an expert who can help.