An unexpected loss of water pressure and a strange rumbling or hissing noise that seems to be coming from underneath the house indicates a very serious problem. And when one suddenly sees a stream of water in the yard or the street in front, that’s a sure sign that there’s a water main leak or break in progress. It’s one of the most inconvenient water incidents any homeowner has to contend with, and could potentially mean an expense running into the hundreds of dollars to rectify.

So when it becomes necessary to call in people who deal with water mains repair i Fairfax, VA, professional plumbers responding to that call usually know what it is they’re looking for when it comes to identifying the problem. Often, the causes of a failure in the water main come down to: root infiltration, debris collection in the bellies (flat portions) of the pipe, misalignment of the line caused by erosion, and breaks due to simple aging of the piping. A water main should last sixty years, unless shoddy work was done when the line was installed in the first place, or damage was inflicted by other types of utility work.

Now, the first thing that the plumber will do is to conduct a video inspection of the pipeline. Using mini cameras on flex shafts, the plumber is able to get an immediate look at the condition of the line and where the defect may be located. This often saves a lot of time and the homeowner a good amount of money and damage to the yard by not digging before absolutely necessary to do so. Video and other forms of electronic inspection can effectively identify the trouble spot and any digging conducted only in that spot. Damage to the lawn is minimized, and the exact section of pipe is located and replaced. It may become necessary in the future to replace the entire main line, but that’s a decision the homeowner can make at discretion. Meanwhile, the immediate problem is taken care of, and the house’s plumbing system put back in service as quickly as possible.

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