One of the most common upgrades to any type of rifle is to add a scope or go up in the quality of optics. The reality is that mounting a scope isn’t all that difficult and can easily be done by a gun owner without a lot of experience in working on their weapon.

Choosing the Components

Choosing the right scope mount and scope is the first step. There are a lot of different options out there, but there are limitations as to the scope and scope mount that can be used on any given long gun.

Always make sure the scope mount and rings are from the same manufacturer. That will eliminate compatibility issues. It will also be important to make sure the scope rings are the right size for the scope and are also the correct height for the scope.

The scope mount should also be configured to allow the cartridge to eject without contacting the scope. However, it is important not to choose a mount that is too high and the results in an unnatural angle for the shooter that will definitely have an impact on accuracy. The scope itself should not touch the barrel, which becomes a factor with the larger objective bells on some scopes.

Pre-Installation Prep

With the scope mount, it will be important always to clean the surface of the gun where the mounts will sit. It is also a good idea to apply a thin layer of rust preventative or oil under the mount to protect the surface.

Use Loctite or another semi-permanent type of thread-freezing product when tightening the scope mount. Always tighten the screws slowly and evenly, alternating snugging down the screws rather than completing this one at a time.

If you are adjusting the mount at all, do not use the scope. Instead, use a piece of wood or a metal rod of the same diameter to avoid damaging the scope.