Storms can cause a true mess, especially if trees are blown down or limbs block roadways and driveways. That is when you need to act fast and call on a tree service contractor to remove the excess debris. After all, tree service professionals are used to this type of activity. Therefore, they are the best contractors to call when a large tree is lying in your yard.

All-Inclusive Services

If you need storm damage cleanup in Marlboro, NJ, you generally can receive help within a short amount of time. Tree service experts can take care of either dead or live tree removals as well as the pruning and cutting of shrubbery. They also offer services such as stump grinding and tree consultations.

What Insurance Covers

If you use a tree service to take care of your landscape, they probably already offer storm damage cleanup as well. With respect to insurance, an insurer generally will not pay for tree removal unless the offending plant falls on a garage, home, or fence and causes damage to the structure.
Some insurers will pay for storm damage cleanup if a tree has fallen and is blocking a driveway. Therefore, you need to check with your insurance company first to see just how much of the cost will be your responsibility.

Replanting an Uprooted Tree or Plant

According to storm damage experts in the tree service field, not all trees that are uprooted by storms can be salvaged. However, in some instances, you may be able to revive an uprooted tree by having it replanted. A tree that is transplanted may suffer from shock, though, so you will need to make sure that the company you contact will follow up with post-transplantation care for the plant.

In order to learn more about what specific storm damage services are offered, review websites such as online. The more you know about the process, the easier and more streamlined any cleanup will be.