The walk-in clinic in Bellmore, NY is the best place to go for injuries and illnesses that are not life-threatening. In recent years, there have been many issues arise over emergency room professionals not being able to handle the influx of patients they see on a daily basis. Walk-in clinics were designed to try and help out the emergency rooms by seeing patients whose conditions aren’t as serious. There are many advantages to going to urgent care over the emergency room if you are able. With that in mind read on below for a few of those advantages.

More Space

As previously stated, the walk-in clinic in Bellmore, NY helps to take some of the overflow from the emergency rooms in the area. This means there will be more space in the urgent care facility you go too. The non-critical patients go to the walk-in clinic, while the cases that are true emergencies can be cared for by the staff at the hospital.

Type of Care Offered

Instead of having to wait behind a five-car pileup from the interstate at the emergency room, the type of care you will receive at the urgent clinic is anything from a fast checkup to testing for an STD. Now, there is no reason to rush straight to the emergency room when you have a problem, most urgent cares even do fracture care now.

Better Fees

Anyone who has ever been to the emergency room can tell you the bills are astronomical. Going to the urgent clinic instead can end up shaving hundreds of dollars off the cost of your treatment. That is something to smile about, even when you end up at the urgent care for an illness or injury.

Speed of Service

Again, if you have ever been in an emergency room, you know that you usually prepare to wait for hours. The urgent care is much faster because they don’t have emergency patients that require attention before you. The average visit to the urgent care is estimated to last an hour, whereas a visit to the emergency room can keep you there all day and into the night, according to who is ahead of you and what they need to have done.

Walk-in clinics in Bellmore, NY are helping ER’s get their crowds under control one patient at a time. For more information, contact the medical professionals at East Meadow Walk In Primary Medical Care for help.