When it comes to drinking and driving, there are two things you need to remember above all else. Number one: Don’t do it and you won’t have to worry about being caught. Number two: if you are stopped for driving under the influence find a reputable DUI defense attorney to go to court with you right away. Other than those two things, there are quite a few questions that many people need to have answered about drunk driving. Read on below for the answers to a few of those questions.

Do You Have to Be Drunk to be a Drunk Driver?

The difference in being “drunk” and being a drunk driver doesn’t mean the same as it did years ago. If your blood alcohol level is over the legal limit then you are guilty of drinking and driving. You do not have to be falling down, slurring your words, can’t get out of the car drunk to be taken to jail and convicted of drunk driving. If you still aren’t sure what legally drunk is considered, contact a reputable DUI defense attorney for clarification and help.

What Requirements Are There for a Cop to Stop You for Suspicion of Drunk Driving?

An officer stopping you for suspicion of drunk driving much have reasonable suspicion that you could be drinking and are behind the wheel. Anything from being in a fender bender to swerving over the line can be grounds for an officer to stop you and see if you are indeed driving under the influence.

What Will Happen If You Are Pulled Over for Suspicion of Drinking and Driving?

In most cases, the officer will ask you get out of your car and give you a series of tests. Some of these are listed below.

  • Say your ABC’s backwards
  • Count backwards
  • Walk a straight line heel to toe
  • Stand on one foot for a number of seconds

There are other tests that can be administered as well. Failing any or all of these can end with a night behind bars and the need to call an attorney in the morning.

These are just a few of the questions that many people want answered about drinking and driving. For more information, contact the professionals at Law offices of Michael Discioarro for help and for answers to any other questions you might have.