Social Security disability insurance provides benefits when you and certain family members are insured. This means you were employed and paid Social Security taxes for the required period of time. This is a vital source of income for disabled adults. However, if an adult or child has a serious mental disorder, they are also eligible for certain benefits. Your Palos Hills Social Security disability lawyer can help you understand how recent changes in the law may impact your case.

Revised Criteria for Social Security for Severe Mental Disorders

Adults and kids with mental disorders are usually eligible for Social Security benefits. Due to the inability of such persons to perform daily tasks or work regularly, SSA provides benefits based on how severe their disability is.

In September 2016, the SSA released the Revised Medical Criteria for Evaluating Mental Disorders, which took effect in January 2017. This revision changed the evaluation process for the disability claims by those diagnosed with mental disorders.

What Changed?

The 5-point scale to rate the functional limitations of adults did not change. New rules were applied for stressor- and trauma-related disorders. These now align with a better medical understanding of these conditions.

The four areas of functioning that are covered are now:
1) Interaction with others,
2) Understanding, application, and remembering of information,
3) Self-management, and
4) Ability to concentrate

Other changes were made to update statuses based on new medical data, where applicable. Ask your Palos Hills Social Security Disability Lawyer for guidance and clarification on how this could help you or your loved one suffering from a severe mental disorder.

Why Were the Criteria Updated?

The Blue Book listings that define mental health conditions had not been reviewed since 1990. The SSA was committed to updating their regulations to reflect more modern standards and practices already in place in the broader healthcare community. If you believe this could be beneficial to you or a family member, contact your Palos Hills Social Security disability lawyer to discuss next steps.

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