The rumors that swirl around litigation funding can prevent you from getting the financing that you need to move forward with your case. There are a few common misconceptions out there that need to be cleared up. This type of funding can raise the capital that is needed to effectively fight a case to its conclusion. Many litigants must walk away from a case that they have a very good chance of winning because they are outspent by the opposition. The fact is that many times it is not the letter of the law that decides a case but instead the win goes to whomever can stay in the fight long enough to win.

Clearing the Fog

There are some common myths that are swirling around this growing industry. One of the most common myths is that this is a dark industry where there are tons of overfunding to take advantage of the litigants, the fact is while there are some shady investors you want to steer clear of, most of the businesses in this industry are fair. One of the best ways to avoid the overfunding is to ensure you are using and established trusted company. Other myths:

  • It is the greed of the investors that is fueling the growth of this industry. The reality is, it is the needs of the law firm and the litigants that are fueling this growth. The expanding industry is in direct response to a need.
  • This funding is only available to plaintiffs. There is some truth and some falsehood to this statement, it largely depends on which firm you are using.
  • It is unethical. Bar associations and other legal organizations have recognized the need for funding and have found it to be completely ethical.

The primary goal with any type of funding is to use a company that has been established as a trustworthy provider of services. You will be able to enjoy a completely transparent process which will allow you to make informed decisions about your funding options.

Do Your Homework

The right funding company will encourage you to do your homework and to fully understand the process. Getting the help, you need is possible when you are dealing with the right company. Bentham IMF is the experienced firm that you need on your side to easily navigate the process and feel confident in the funding you need!