When you plan to buy outdoor light fixtures their size and wattage requirement will depend on how much illumination you want and which area you want to illuminate. Street lights are the most commonly used outdoor lights which are designed to last longer than interior home lights. There are gas discharge lamps and fluorescent lights that use neon. Use of sulphur lights is common for outdoor lighting. These lights are highly powerful and generate lot of heat within a few hours of lighting. They are not used for indoor lighting. The colour of light emitted by sulphur lights is slightly orange.

Outdoor lights therefore require special type of lighting fixtures and shades to last longer. Outdoor lighting for garden can be installed using different lighting fixtures. Fixtures which are used in homes emit white light and are normal sized. Lighting fixtures for garden are required to allow optimum light and cover as much area as possible. Outdoor lights are rated for different wattages; you should select one for your garden light which will meet your electricity bill budget. Remember that outdoor lighting for garden is more for decorative purpose and less for lighting.

Lighting fixtures are decorative housings or protection for light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Lighting fixtures hold bulb and tubes, cables and transformers of lighting in position. They are important for permanent light installations. Lighting fixtures for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms and bars are different in style and features.