Physicians interested in converting hand written history and prescription of their patients without spending big amount have a better cost saving option of outsourcing medical transcriptions. An outsourced professional medical transcription service is cheaper, faster and better.

All healthcare institutions need computerization of patients’ medical information for compact record-keeping, quick reference, conferencing and processing of insurance claims. Clinics and hospitals have been availing full time professional medical transcription services of skilled transcriptionists to do this type of work. But this option has been found to be more expensive; not ideal for varying volume of medical transcriptions. Another option could be to assign transcription work to clerical staff or make use of voice recognition software. The major draw back of these solutions is the high possibility of inaccuracies, putting patients’ health at risk. Accuracy of voice recognition of the inadequately trained staff could be too low to be useful. Outsourcing medical transcription is surely a better option for cost control, accuracy and high quality of service.

How does an outsourced medical transcription service provider serve?

Medical transcription service provider gets physician’s notes recorded into a recording device which is usually a toll-free phone line or a digital recorder. Medical transcription service provider uses both the methods and also accepts recorded cassettes. MP3 is the most preferred sound format used in the service. Digital recordings are received by the service provider via the Internet. This is done using a secure web site and FTP (file transfer protocol), or through encrypted email. If it is a toll-free line, the information gets directly recorded on service provider’s servers.

Recorded information is transcribed and sent back to the clinic or hospital in word files or PDF format by the service provider. Modes of delivery include FTP, web sites, encrypted email, or custom software.

While outsourcing you must select a service provider that has a team of skilled, well experienced medical transcriptionists, and professionals who review every professional medical transcription for accuracy.