Amongst the five sense organs in human body no one can ignore the importance of ears. These are organs which help us to hear sounds around us. However, there are times when hearing gets impaired due to illness, age, or other external factors. It surely is uncomfortable and troublesome not to be able to hear. If you or any of your loved ones find problem with hearing, do not hesitate to visit an ENT specialist immediately. Most of the times such an expert will suggest the use of hearing aids – devices which can be used to enhance once capacity to hear. By using such external aids, you will be able to get back your normal hearing ability. You will again be able to hear whispers of your loved ones and they will also not have to speak awkwardly loud to make you hear what they want to say.

Wearing hearing aids does not have to be uncomfortable and embarrassing. These days such devices are available in a number of different models and sizes. Thus, either these remain hidden behind your ears or are placed too deep into your ears for others to notice. Given below is a short discussion on the types of hearing aids:

Different models of hearing aids

These days there are different models of such devices available. Following are some of the common types of hearing aids you can choose from:

Behind-the-ear– These are devices that sit behind the ears. In this model when sounds and noises reach the devices, it is passed through a plastic tube into the ears. Such devices come with a number of different features and are less costlier than other types.

In-the-ear– These devices are not as large as behind-the-ear types. These fit comfortably inside the ears. There are no tubes that go into the ears or any part that sits behind the organs. So, if you are looking for moderately cheap and portable aids, ITE models can be your best choice.

In-the-canal (ITC)– These are even smaller than the ITE aids and fit in such a manner that they are not easily detectable. You can control functionality of such digital devices and can hear better than you used to.

Completely-in-canal (CIC)– These devices can be placed completely inside the canals. They are smallest type of hearing aids and are placed deep down in the ears. They are accurate and are not visible from outside.

You should consult with an experienced ENT professional before choosing hearing aids. Oak Forest, IL comprises a few of the best ENT clinics where you can find experienced specialists.