1.    News of arrival of a baby boy is always greeted with great joy in any family. We can express our happiness by presenting an attractive baby boy gift to the little baby boy and his parents.

2.    If you want your baby boy gift to be extra special, you can do it with new baby boy gift basket. These baskets contain gift items that represent high level of your joy and affection for the new born. These baskets are usually sets, collections and combination of baby boy gifts items. Your baby gift basket can contain following items.

3.    Sleep wear: As the baby boy will spend much of his time in crib, dozing, you can add to his comfort with gift basket containing sleepwear, baby blankets, pillows, stuffed bear and a musical toy to lull him to sleep.

4.    Toys and clothes: A baby is fussier when awake. You can keep him busy with stock of toys and warm comfortable clothes. You can customise a baby boy gift basket making combination of toys and clothes. A toys gift basket can contain colourful toys, animals and letters and other interesting items. These baby boy gifts baskets are also called as “Little Einstein” gift baskets and usually contain musical toys and story books.

5.    Bathtime playmates: Who doesn’t love splashing and kicking in water? Children are the ardent lovers of water splashing. A basket full of bathtime playmates is more favourite item with kids. Rubber duckies, baby shampoo, talcum powder and scrubbing towels could be good baby boy gifts basket items.