There are a lot of reasons for you to smile. But for others their crooked teeth are a big reason why they avoid smiling. If you want to have straight, flawless teeth, two of the most common techniques available for you are the traditional metal braces and Invisalign. However, choosing which one to consider can be a difficult task.

When comparing Invisalign Plattsburgh, NY with metallic braces, you must consider the main advantages of each. At the same time, you should also look at the drawbacks for each technique. Regardless of the process you choose, always remember that it often takes years before you achieve the desired result. So make sure that you choose the most advantageous option.

1. Determine the problem.

It is vital that you first consider the main problem with your smile. Usually, the location of problematic teeth can tell you which technique to choose. Similarly, the distance of the gaps that have to be closed off is also checked. For example, Invisalign in Plattsburgh, NY is ideal for people who have crooked frontal teeth with moderate gaps in between. Alternatively, metallic braces are used to correct underbites, overbites and position of the back molars. Furthermore, it is also used for severely crooked teeth or extensive gaps. Basically, your dentist or orthodontist will run an initial physical examination to determine which is best for you.

2. Convenience and comfort issues.

According to orthodontists, clear braces seem to be more comfortable and convenient for users. One of the main differences is that braces are fixed on the teeth while Invisalign can be removed. So if you are expecting a major event, you can easily take the inserts off. Moreover, Invisalign Plattsburgh, NY is not visible when you wear it. In fact, anyone can hardly notice that you’re actually using one. On the other hand, metallic braces pose discomforts only during the initial phases. After some time, you’ll eventually get used to wearing it. One major problem is that you can’t take it off once you’ve had it.

3. Consider the drawbacks.

While both these procedures entail some sacrifices, traditional braces have several reported drawbacks. The metal parts can get entangled with your tongue and gums, which is quite painful. In addition, you have to avoid several food products such as apple, pop corn and other sticky foods that can get lodged in the braces. Moreover, prolonged use of braces can cause staining of the teeth.

In the same way, Invisalign Plattsburgh, NY also has its disadvantages. Since clear braces can be removed, it requires compliance to take full effect. A patient’s non-compliance can negatively affect the progress of the treatment. In addition, you have to wash the insert after taking it off and before putting it back which some people find troublesome. Invisible braces can likewise cause speech problems during initial phase. However, these issues can be easily dealt with over time.

When considering a treatment plan, make sure that it is your personal preference or else you’ll find the procedure as a failure. Consider how important your goal is and focus on what you want to achieve. Both Invisalign and traditional braces guarantee success if you are willing to comply with the treatment plan.