If you are a typical American homeowner, then you spend about two-thirds of your home energy in heating and cooling systems alone. In addition, almost half of that energy, once lost, is lost for good. With an energy-scarce future a distinct possibility, doesn’t it seem the cleverer thing to do to to try and preserve as much of it as possible? That’s where green heating can save you money and energy.

Manufacturers have been looking for ways to make energy-efficient heating systems – and ones that will save costs – for a long time. They have managed to come up with solutions in various cycles of heating systems. Let’s have a look at these.

Geothermal heating

Water heating has always been considered the most energy-efficient form of heating. Geothermal systems use an incredible 30-60 % less energy than regular systems. Plus, they need lower maintenance. They work rather like air-conditioners. Here’s how:

A system of pipes is laid underground below your homes. These carry water, and can help to transfer heat from the cooler underground into your homes. In the summer this system can double as a cooler for your home.

Zoned Heating

Why use central heating when certain rooms – like your bedroom – don’t need to be heated all the time? With a zoned heating system that controls heat flow to various parts of the house separately, you can save on all that unnecessary energy wastage. These systems have multiple thermostats. Valves allow users to control the amount of water or air that are allowed to flow when the heater is on.

Recovering ventilation energy

Wouldn’t it be great if exhaust air can be recycled for more heat? That’s what some heat systems can do. They take the air that is released after your normal heating process, use a system of heat exchangers to recover usable heat and then re-introduce it into the system for additional heat.

Insulation DIY

There are things that you can do yourself to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. Stop the leakage of heat. Insulate your home well. Most of the leakage happens from windows. Have the drapes drawn tight, particularly at night. Get insulated drapes. They may even come with a moisture-resistant layer. Go a further step and have plastic barriers installed on your windows. Get storm windows put up. These will cut down on a lot of the loss.

For more on green home heating, Santa Clara manufacturers are good authorities to go to. Get help with the latest technologies available in the market, do your bit for the future and give your family a comfortable and pure home environment at the same time.

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