If you wish to file a Social Security Disability for yourself, you must know that the process is easy and brief. This is a fact for every U.S. citizen staying in any city including Naperville, IL. This type of social security programs are meant for those people who are having long term health problems of serious nature because of which they cannot work. You must understand the very fact that Social Security will not offer disability benefits that are of short term. Moreover, disability benefits that are partial in nature do not exist. If you want to qualify for availing these benefits, the disability you are suffering should be significant and should be of such a nature that would last for 12 months consecutively.

If you want to get benefits for social security disability in Naperville, IL, then you must do the following things:

Call The Social Security

Whenever a U.S. citizen files a claim for benefits, he does not need to pay any amount for that. All he needs to do is to make a call on a number, which is a free number of the SSA. After some time, one live operator will pick your call to take your claim. When you will be providing your information, you must ensure to tell the operator that you want to claim disability benefits of Title 2 as well as SSI benefits of Title 16. For both these claims, you must get a definite filing date. You can meet a Social Security representative at any local office as well.

Online Filing for Your Benefits

When you want to file for benefits for social security disability in Naperville, IL, you can visit the local office of Social Security Dept and then file for your SSI or even SSDI. However, you need not even visit an office, when you can do this online. You just need to visit their website and fill all the relevant information, which they will ask on every information-filling page. Here, you have a convenience that in case if you are not having any information, then you can log on afterwards.

As a note of convenience, it is imperative to know that you should gather all necessary information prior to doing the online filing. This is so because their online system lets you to see one page at one time. Therefore, you cannot get the advantage of reviewing the form before you fill it.

The Information You Must Have

First, it is necessary to be armed with information about doctors, clinics, healthcare services and hospitals that you have visited. You must have the names, present addresses, and fax as well as phone numbers of these. Not only this, but you also must have a list of each job, which you have done in a period of last 15-20 years. This would again include your employer’s name and addresses. Moreover, you will also need the respective employment dates and a description of the nature of your job. You can even update any of the information in case you require.

The above information will definitely help you in your filing task of benefits for social security disability in Naperville, IL.