Buying carpet in Jackson TN and any other part of the United States is not really the most fun experience in the world. Although many home and business owners would much rather be at Disneyland, or a tropical beach having a relaxing beverage as opposed to buying carpet, the truth remains that it is a very important process that any home owner needs to be a part of. And, while we think about it, there are many bad habits that consumers often make when they are planning to buy carpet. In order to ensure you don’t make these same mistakes, here are a few helpful suggestions in order to make the carpet buying experience a positive one.

Compare Prices and Get Samples FIRST

It shouldn’t come to a surprise that many home owners tend to forget this important step when it comes to buying carpet in Jackson TN. People are busy these days and most of them don’t have the time to window shop for carpet. And those who do often will become too attached to picking color, material, and their carpet pads to really understand that the best thing you should begin with is getting samples to take home and compare pricing around town.

It is very difficult to purchase and pick carpet while in a store or warehouse. This is why getting a sample to bring home to place against your walls, furniture, and other areas that you are trying to match or to create a certain look is the best thing you can do to begin the carpet buying experience. Once you’ve selected that perfect carpet, and the manufacture of this particular carpet, the next important step is to head around town and compare pricing on the materials and importantly the installation (we will address this issue a little bit later). A great rule of thumb is to visit at least three (3) different carpet retailers prior to buying.

Make Sure to Write Detailed Info about the Carpet You Selected

One of the biggest areas where carpet consumers make mistakes is they don’t document exactly what material, size, color, and density that the carpet they picked have. Many carpet retailers in the past have made the mistake, (and sometimes on purpose) of bringing a similar, yet lower quality carpet similar to the one you purchased. A great tip to ensure this does not happen to you is to write down and even take a picture of the back of the carpet sample that you picked out at the store and match it to the back of the carpet before it every enters your home. You have the right as a consumer to get what you paid for, so when the carpet installers show up, ask them to check the back of the carpet and ensure the end product you are getting is exactly what you paid for and what you want for your home.

Make Sure to get Accurate Measurements

From the beginning, the best thing you can do prior to actually buying the carpet is to get perfect measurements for the carpet of your home. As we discussed above, wrong measurements can be the difference between getting the right size carpet and having to reorder more carpet. A worse scenario is when you order too much carpet and are stuck with a ton of material with no place to keep it or even no reason to keep the carpet. So again, we can’t stress this enough, make sure you get perfect measurements prior to buying carpet.

When you begin with following these three simple rules, you’ll be able to buy the right carpet in Jackson TN with confidence that you are getting the best value for your expense.