It goes without saying that web design is important. At the same time, it seems that very few people are good at it. Some of this is no doubt the fault of small business people attempting to run their own websites on their own and being in over their heads. Sometimes, the problem is the product of poor decisions by a web design company. The worst example is when you find a website offering a service you want, but you can’t find how to pay for it. Sometimes one wonders if the problem is brought on by miscommunication. Someone in California not knowing what a customer in Austin wants, for example.

If the web design company you’re working with doesn’t know or care about what you actually do, you can end up with a web page that’s expensive and completely useless. Oddly enough, universities are the biggest culprits of this. When someone goes to a university web page, they have a short list of what they’re looking for:

1. Address/Directions
2. Basic contact information
3. Admissions
4. Student Services

Yet, for example, University of Texas at Austin has the middle of the page, front and center, devoted to on-campus news, followed by events, whereas the most important aspects are in a smaller text at the bottom. This is better than some universities, where only the address and phone number are on the front page, but the rest requires searching through the site.

Actually comparing University of Texas at Austin to Northeastern University helps show the difference a good web design company can make. While the web design on the UT site leaves something to be desired, with key information not front and center, it’s better than Northeastern where to check in on current class information, one has to click a link at the top, enter log-in information, go to the second tab of a new page, find blackboard, enter log-in information again, and then select their course. While neither had a web design company that optimized based on what their consumers need and want, UT Austin did a much better job than Northeastern. One problem both had was finding a way to pay tuition. You’d think that with any service, the first goal would be to find a way to make it easy for consumers to make their purchase. This is why it’s important to have a professional Austin web design company help construct your page. With proper communication, an Austin web design company can make your small or large business more effective for more web-savvy users. is an Austin web design company providing professional website development and Internet marketing services. Contact for a free consultation to determine how proper and professional development can elicit the visibility you need. Call 800.916.1224 or visit online at