Home repair is something of a value/skill assessment. There’s work you can and should do, work you can do but shouldn’t do on your own, and work you need to call a professional in for because you can’t do them. It’s important to know where a project falls along this spectrum. For example: painting a room. This is clearly a task you can and should do yourself unless you’re particularly over worked or bad with a paintbrush. Now it gets hazy depending on your individual skill and the type of painting you want to do, but, generally speaking painting a room is a good Do It Yourself (DIY) project. Repairing a sink, you can do it on your own but many people shouldn’t as they’ll only do more damage or waste more money than a repair company would charge. Electrical work: this group is much clearer, the risks are higher, you might blow a fuse or worse shock yourself. Foundation repair: You can’t do by yourself unless you happen to be a foundation repair specialist but that’s basically cheating your way out of the problem set. Knowing your own comfort and abilities as well as the nature of the project is important. No matter where you live, you would be well served to know your local repair specialists, every community from Ft Worth, TX to Albany will have options for someone in need of home repairs.

Jobs you should do yourself vs. jobs you shouldn’t do:

The distinction here comes down to your personal skill and comfort level. For some people basic plumbing repairs are easy or at least manageable. For other people properly installing a toilet on their own would be a hellish experience leading to massive amounts of water damage and a minor case of PRSD (Post Repair Stress Disorder). It comes down to two criteria:

The likelihood that you can keep the price below what it would cost for a professional to do the job
The likelihood you complete the task without incurring greater damage to yourself or property

If you are not trained in electrical repair, do not try electrical improvements there is a high danger quotient.

Jobs you can’t do vs. Jobs you can do:

This is more about access to materials and tools. You might be mechanically competent, but if you don’t have the materials and tools needed to do something like foundation repair, you won’t be able to do the job. Training and expertise can help but sometimes you might know how to do a job, but because you don’t have access to the things needed, and it costs too much to buy them for a one-off project it’s worth it to call professionals in.
Depending on where a job falls will determine your best course of action. If it’s something you can and should do then obviously you should head to the hardware store and get the supplies you need. If it’s something you could do but don’t know if you should, you can try learning about the task first to see if you can raise your comfort level.

If you know from previous experience that it won’t work then it might be wise to call in a professional. If it’s something you cannot do, then buck up and call the repair specialists. Best part is as a property owner, no matter what category it falls under and no matter where you live, be it Fort Worth, TX or Albany, NY you’ll find a good combination of small local firms and big national firms to provide the service you need.

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