Gum disease or periodontal disease is one of the most common problems encountered by most people. People who have the disease may not be actually aware that they are suffering from gum disease since they think the tooth loss was due to decay. Gum disease is a chronic infection which results in teeth falling off due to the progressive loss of ligaments and bone that holds the teeth in place.

Smoking is recognized as one of the reason for gum disease and, according to statistics of the US Center for Disease Control, smokers would more likely lose all their teeth at the age of 65 than non-smokers. Not only does smoking have a negative impact on dental health but it reduces the healing process for any types of surgeries like dental implants and tooth extractions. The approach made by Gum Disease experts in Louisville, KY is essentially oral hygiene except in cases where health is severely compromised by serious diseases like diabetes or HIV.

Your mouth is full of bacteria and the only process with which this can be reduced is through oral hygiene. These bacteria and other particles if not removed causes the tartar buildup which is quite difficult to remove unless done through professional cleaning by the dentist. The longer that tartar and plague stay on the teeth, the more harmful it may become which will possibly end up into gingivitis and the more serious case of periodontitis. This problem can only be reversed through treatments from Gum Disease experts in Louisville, KY.

The main goal of the treatment is to cure the infection which will depend upon the severity of the gum disease. While oral care will more likely be required, you may be asked to quit from smoking in order to increase the effectiveness of the treatment process. Medications may reduce the necessity for surgery but if the gum disease has progressed, surgical treatment could be the best option.

How to keep the gums healthy:
1. Brush the teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste
2. Floss regularly to remove plague and avoid tartar buildup
3. Professional cleaning needs to be done regularly
4. Refrain from smoking since aside from dental issues smoking compromises your health and physical well being
5. Always examine your gums and check if there are any inflammations
6. How to determine if you are suffering from gum disease:
7. Gum diseases cause bad breath that won’t go away in spite of brushing or using mouthwash
8. Gums are red and show signs of swelling
9. Bleeding gums
10. Chewing can be quite painful
11. Teeth start to loosen or feel more sensitive
12. Receding gums

If you have the symptoms of gum diseases, the best alternative is to see the dentist immediately; otherwise, you face the serious consequences of losing your teeth. The dentists can provide the treatment options to control the disease before it gets more complex to necessitate surgery. Perhaps, this is also enough justification to stop from smoking as it may lower the chances of an effective dental treatment.

One very good reason to see a Gum Disease expert in Louisville, KY once you show symptoms of gingivitis is to save your teeth to control the spread of infection. For proper diagnosis, log on to