It’s a common mistake. One of the palm trees in your yard dies and you decide that it won’t hurt anything to let it stay in your yard for a little while. The problem that many home owners have is that a little while always seems to turn into a long time, and at this point the tree has actually become a safety hazard for any pets or humans who happen to venture to close to it.

The problem with having a dead tree in your yard is trees do decay and rot. Over time, the rotten bits fall away from the tree. Eventually the entire tree falls down. Even though the odds of a human or pet being caught under the falling tree might not seem very high, when you think about the odds of the same human or pet getting struck by a piece of debris that flies of the tree when it hits the ground, the chance of a serious injury goes up dramatically.

The idea of borrowing a chain saw from a friend or neighbor and cutting down the tree yourself might be tempting, but it’s not advisable. The only way you should even think about cutting down your own tree will be if you have cut down trees in the past and know what you’re doing. Without this knowledge there’s too great a risk that you will get seriously injured. It’s far better to have a professional tree removal Phoenix send in their people who will be able to remove the tree safely.

The fact that the chainsaw happens to be a very dangerous piece of equipment is just one of the reasons why you should hire a professional tree removal Phoenix company to hand the removal of your dead tree. Removing dead trees is a combination art and science. A skilled professional can drop a tree exactly where they want it. Doing this takes a great deal of time and practice. Just because you might think you know where the tree will fall, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you do. All it takes is a slight miscalculation of the wind, and you could inadvertently cut the palm tree in such a way that it tangles in the power lines, resulting in a very dangerous situation.

It’s not the responsibility of the tree removal Phoenix to keep an eye on your kids and pets while they’re trying to remove a dead tree from your lawn. That’s your responsibility. Until the tree has been taken care of you need to make sure your children and the family pets stay indoors and out from under foot. In addition to cutting the tree down, the tree removal Phoenix will also remove the stump.