Each individual moving company has their own set of policies, and they can vary to some extent, even within Fort Worth, TX. Before signing a contract, ask what their policies are. Some companies offer packing, moving, unpacking and cleaning, but not necessarily at the same price. If a full service move is what you need, the movers should come out to your home to do an estimate. This provides them the opportunity to see how much needs to be packed and moved. This is common policy, but not all moving companies do this.

Ask the movers about the packing supplies used, if they are doing the packing. Ask if they distribute the load onto the truck evenly (another common policy, but best to check). Also ask about special precautions for certain pieces of furniture, and what type of padding they use. Find out what they will do to prevent damage while moving in or out. Damage is sometimes done to walls and doors in a move. Reputable moving companies will not only have well trained staff, but have insurance or some compensation for damages.

For moves which will be to a different state, ask for their USDOT number. For local movers, find out about their safety procedures, as well as how much experience the movers have. There may be a new employee, which is fine, as long as there are more experienced people that are part of the team. It is common policy for many moving companies to only have one newer worker per team. Sometimes, if there is a team of 4 or more, there may be 2 less experienced movers.

It is also common policy to have the proper moving equipment for a move. That includes everything from dollies (if needed) to the trucks. Trucks should be in good working order, naturally. Should the truck break down, which can happen, find out if there is any compensation for the delay. Legitimate moving companies have every situation covered.

While this may seem a lot to ask, it is best to find out what company policy is. Remember that even a big ad or billboard in Fort Worth that says “moving company”, may just be a couple of regular guys (or gals) with a moving van. It is better to ask, and not to assume that they have the same common policies as the regular moving companies. This goes not only for Fort Worth, TX, but anywhere. Most reputable companies have the above common policies in place. Since all companies are different, however, it’s best to check before moving your valuable belongings.



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