Although it’s possible for anyone to suffer from urinary incontinence, women seem to be far more likely to struggle with incontinence than men. One type of incontinence that a woman struggles with will be urge incontinence. Women who have this particular health issue often feel like they have to urinate, when they don’t actually have to, though in some cases the urination can follow quickly behind the sensation. Not only will you find urge urinary incontinence to be embarrassing, it can also be very inconvenient, particularly if you’re traveling. The worse part about urge incontinence that many women experience is an inability to properly control their bladder while they’re sleeping, which can put a great deal of pressure on any intimate relationship you might be in.

Many women think that they should go to their general practioner to address the urge incontinence, but that’s not the case at all. While it’s possible for the general practioner to try doing something about the incontinence, the person who will provide you with the most relief from your condition will be your obgyn Scottsdale.

It took a little time for medical experts to figure out just why urge incontinence happens, but they have narrowed it down. It turns out that the problem isn’t mental like many people originally thought, but rather the result of bladder spasms. The spasms get out of synch, making you think that you have to urinate when you don’t have to. The reason for these badly timed bladder spasms is generally the result of damage that has somehow occurred to the bladder muscles, or they can be the result of nerve damage. The exact reason for the nerve/muscle damage varies from one woman to the next. The most common causes include surgery, disease, and injury.

There are several different ways that urge incontinence can be treated, and possibly cured. The exact type of treatment that the obgyn Scottsdale suggests will depend on the severity of the incontinence and the reason for the nerve/muscle damage. In most cases, the first thing that obgyn Scottsdale will suggest will be behavioral techniques where you train your bladder to void at a specific increments of time. Another option that most obgyn Scottsdale like is bladder strengthening exercises.

If the behavioral training hasn’t solved your problem, your obgyn Scottsdale will turn to medications, diuretics, which can be used to control when you have to urinate. If you ‘re still struggling with incontinence, the final option will be getting bladder surgery which will repair the original damage and hopefully make the incontinence disappear forever.

The sooner you get over your embarrassment of your urge incontinence, and discuss it with your doctor, the sooner they can help you correct the problem.