It may sound crazy that something as essential as food could have an adverse affect on our bodies, but it is quite true. Food allergies can creep up on you without a moment’s notice. While this used to be a medical condition that was more common in children and peanut products, it has over the past 50 years expanded causing more and more people to become affected. Most medical professionals are not certain as to why there has been an increase in those affected, but there are lots of ways to test and prevent these allergies from causing more harm to your health. If you feel that you could be suffering from food allergies in Louisville, KY area you should seek medical attention. Some of the most commonly complained about allergies are listed below:

  • Wheat – wheat is in a lot of the foods that we eat and therefore plays a huge role in our diets. Wheat can be found in cereals, pasta, and bread. However, it can also be found in other food products including snacks and soups. Since wheat is put into a lot of different things, it can be very hard to avoid altogether. However, by simply conducting a bit of research to find out the types of things you should completely avoid will help in limiting your symptoms and make your life a lot easier.
  • Peanuts – peanuts have been the culprit for food allergies for years now. Those who are allergic to peanuts or peanut products can have very severe symptoms that if not cared for in time could become fatal. People with peanut allergies have been known to have reactions to even the smallest traces of peanut in their food. Peanuts can be found in a lot of things that we eat including, but not limited to, candy bars, peanut butter, cookies, candies, and more.
  • Milk – another of the most common food allergies in Louisville, KY and around the US are milk allergies. This allergy is more common in children since they drink much more milk at a young age. Many find that they grow out of this allergy as they get older. If you feel that you have this allergy you should still be checked out because it can have really severe consequences.
  • Eggs – Eggs have allergens in them that have proven to be very traumatic to those who are allergic to them. Eggs is a common food ingredient which can make it very complicated when you go grocery shopping. You should steer clear of both the egg yolk and white as they have both caused serious allergic reactions.
  • Shellfish – This food allergy is more common in adults. It has been a proven fact that over 2% of the adult population will, at some point in their lives, develop an allergic reaction to shellfish.

These are just a few of the most common food allergies present in the foods that we eat today. There are certainly lots more that you should be aware of. If you feel that you are having an intolerance or allergic reaction to certain foods, you should definitely reach out to an allergist in your area that can get you tested fast.

Having a food allergy and not getting the medical treatment that you need could really put your health and even life at risk. To learn more about Food Allergies Louisville KY area, visit website.