Dealing with a broken transmission is not uncommon, particularly if your vehicle is quite old. The more often you drive your vehicle, the more wear and tear the transmission will face and if your automobile has come to the point where it is having difficulty shifting into gear, it is likely you need to buy replacement parts. Now you will face the dilemma of deciding whether it is better to select new or rebuilt transmissions in Springfield MO. Of course the new component sounds more appealing but have you considered the price? A rebuilt transmission will be far cheaper and could actually be just as reliable as a new transmission.

The Importance of Transmission

The purpose of a transmission is to send power to the drivetrain of the vehicle. This power generates from the engine and enables the vehicle to respond well and perform efficiently. Because this component is quite complex in its build, they can be quite expensive and this is why you would benefit from buying rebuilt transmissions in Springfield MO if you are on a budget. A transmission needs regular maintenance, just like any other vehicle part. Services and transmission fluid top-ups are recommended because these parts are constantly dealing with heavy force and stress.

New Transmissions

A brand new transmission could set you back $3,500 or more, proving this to be a very costly option. By finding a supplier that sells rebuilt transmissions in Springfield MO, you could pay less for a component that works just as well. Despite this, an advantage of purchasing a new component is that it will come with a full warranty, which will protect you financially. Although most people opt for a new transmission because they believe them to be more dependable and long-lasting, this is not always true. Maintenance plays a big role in the lifespan of a transmission and if you care for your rebuilt transmission well; you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Used Transmissions

The other option you have is to purchase rebuilt transmissions in Springfield MO. It is important to remember that there are various kinds of rebuilds available and you should decide which is best for your vehicle before handing your money over. Some minor components may be tweaked on used transmissions or the entire component could have faced a complete overhaul. Whatever grade of rebuilding the transmission has faced, it will need to satisfy manufacturer specifications before it is sold, therefore you can feel confident that you are paying for a quality part. Be sure to shop around to find the best deal and save yourself money by arranging a delivery.