When trying to save money on your rising energy bills, you should take a look around and see if you can install a more efficient type of water heater for your home or work space. There are many different kinds of water heaters available in today’s market, from storage tank systems to solar water heaters, and a professional heating and air conditioning company will be able to assess your home or work space and recommend the best system for your requirements. A commercial environment in England such as a school, will require a different water heating solution than a private household, for example.

What Types of Water Heaters are Available?
1. Water heaters with storage tank: These systems are more commonly found in older, traditional houses; they store and heat water in the storage tank, meaning hot water is available throughout the house at any time and can be heated by gas, oil or electricity. Energy efficient models will usually have a thicker tank jacket for less heat loss, heat traps that prevent unwanted hot water from flowing from the tank and a more efficient heat exchanger which allows for more heat to be transferred from the energy source to the water.
2. Water heaters without tanks: These heaters (often referred to as on demand systems) don’t have a tank. Popular in modern, new-build homes in the UK, these systems only heat water when required, with the basic unit consisting of a gas or electric element which heats the surrounding water. The disadvantage to these systems is that they are often not powerful enough to provide hot water throughout the whole house and are often installed close to the point where water is required, such as under a kitchen sink. They are also commonly used as booster systems to complement another water heating system.
3. Solar water heaters: As the name suggests, solar water heaters harness the energy of the sun , which is then utilised to heat the water in your property. For an average household (four people), solar water heaters can provide as much as half of your household’s energy required to heat water. The use of a solar water heater can substantially reduce your energy bills, as the heat from the sun is free; these savings typically make up for the expense of purchasing and installing a solar water heater.
4. Heat pumps: these move heat by the use of electricity, rather than generating it directly. The high cost of installing them nonetheless results in energy savings of up to £380 a year for the average household in the UK.

There are many Water heaters Lancing and West Sussex organisations who can offer a full professional installation and maintenance system for your hot water, no matter what your requirements. Whether you are a school, office building or private household looking to heat your water in the most efficient way possible, water heaters Lancing companies will be able to help you.

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