In the not-too-distant past, getting drunk and driving home was not really considered that serious of a crime. If you got caught you might spend a night in jail until you sobered up or something similar. Punishment was usually pretty hit or miss and extremely lenient sentences were passed even on those who killed other people while they were intoxicated and drove drunk over and over again. That has certainly changed. Federal, state, and local governments have clamped down hard on those who drink and drive and even a first offense can result in jail time. Getting caught additional times comes with increasing penalties to the point where, depending on where you are arrested, you can fairly easily lose your license completely and basically permanently after just two or three times of being arrested and convicted for driving under the influence.

Because of the severity of these charges, it is fairly requisite that you hire a criminal DUI lawyer in Tucson even the very first time you are arrested on this charge. It might be, especially if you have not hurt anyone and your blood alcohol level is not extremely high, that you only have to post a reasonable bail and pay a huge fine. In that case, if you do indeed acknowledge that you were intoxicated and deserve the sentence, then you may be able to delay hiring a criminal DUI lawyer in Tucson until you know for sure you are going to need one.

However, most of the time there is a lot more to the charges and you really will need representation right from the beginning. It does not take much to move a regular DUI arrest up to a felony DUI arrest and there might even be other levels of the charge depending on the laws in your locality. It is usually better to speak to a Criminal dui lawyer in Tucson right at the beginning of the legal process, even while you are still in jail before bail is even set for you. A DUI attorney can make sure your rights are protected while the officers and medical personnel check your blood alcohol level, make sure that bail is reasonable and help you arrange to get it paid, and can then represent you in court if that becomes necessary later on in the case.

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