As it ages, skin changes. The elasticity it had during you’re youth decreases and bits start to sag and wrinkles develop. Some people don’t mind, while others are bothered by the situation. If you fall into the latter category, you should know that it’s now possible to get a face lift without having to worry about many of the complications associated with going under the knife for an invasive procedure. Every single year, men and women both have taken advantage of Non-Invasive Skin Lifting Naples FL procedures and have been very happy with the results.

The great thing about the technology used for non-invasive skin lifting treatments is the versatility. The procedure can be used to do so much more than simply erase wrinkles from your face. When you have a consultation meeting with the dermatologist, you should point out all the little things that bother you when you look in the mirror, based on the information you provide they will be able to customize their work to give you a lovely, virtually ageless skin. The types of things non-invasive skin lifting treatments can eradicate includes:

Wrinkles and sagging skin pockets

* Varicose veins

* naso-labial folds

* laugh lines

* sun spots

* loose skin

Based on the issues you want dealt with, the doctor will help you determine exactly which of the various non-invasive skin lifting procedures will be the best for your situation. These days the dermatologists who perform the non-invasive techniques have several different treatments they can chose from. The treatments range from Botox injections to Venous Freeze.

The great thing about non-invasive skin lifting procedures is that in addition to being a very effective way of gaining a healthier, younger looking face, they can be done very quickly. Most of the treatments only take a few minutes and can be completed during your lunch break. Another thing that makes the non-invasive procedures better than the surgical face lifts is the healing time. The healing time post invasive procedures can be lengthy, as well as quite painful. This won’t be the situation when you go with a non-invasive option. The most you’ll feel will be a slight twinge or a bit of a pinch. Once the process has been completed, you’ll feel great and be able to get on with your day.

The cost of the treatment as well as the length of time you continue to look younger depends on the type of procedure you’ve opted for. Some of the treatments will have permanent results while others, like Botox, provide a temporary solution.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you decide you want to explore non-invasive skin lifting options will be making sure you’re using a professional dermatologist who you’re comfortable with.