It does not much matter whether you call it a nursing home, a facility with assisted living or retirement home in Ossining, choosing the right place is a major decision for either an elderly individual or the senior’s family. At times, the decision is made under very stressful circumstances, and unfortunately the emotions that come into play for both the senior and the family are something that has to be considered.

The retirement home in Ossining may very well be the home for the senior for a long time so it’s most important that the care the home offers is such that the life of the senior will be enhanced. If you are faced with making a decision which will have a major impact of the lives of a family, you want to be fully aware of what the facility offers, and to do that, you will have to ask a lot of questions.

The home and staff credentials:
Before you set out on your journey, you need to acquaint yourself with the licensing requirements; this is true for both the home and staff.
1. Is the home licensed and is the license displayed prominently?
2. Find out the staffs credentials
3. Are staff members trained to cope with dementia?
4. Are there licensed registered nurses on staff at all times?

The care and service offered by the retirement home in Ossining:
1. Nursing homes will have a “Patients’ Bill of Rights,” request a copy and keep it at home.
2. Are the residents with similar problems grouped together or spread out?
3. Does the staff compliment include a social worker?
4. Is the diet acceptable and can special dietary needs be catered for?
5. Pay attention to the overall cleanliness and serenity of the facility

Safety and accessibility:
For your elderly parent you will want to see that safety is on the top of the list of the nursing home you chose. You want to check if there are emergency procedures in place and that every staff member knows his or her duty in the event of a problem. Even though your senior may not yet be confined to a wheelchair, check to see that the home is accessible to wheelchairs, the halls are wide enough and are it easy to get from one place to another in the home. Check that bathing areas are provided with handrails and emergency signaling in the event of a fall.

Amenities and over-all comfort:
Remember that your senior will be spending, perhaps, the rest of his life in the retirement home in Ossining and it needs to be comfortable and welcoming to all the residents. Make sure the home has a feeling of community to it and that the current residents are happy and healthy and that the residents are all addressed by their name by the staff.

If you see that the facility offers a quiet, peaceful environment, and the current residents are happy with their lifestyle, then you are well on your way to selecting a perfect place for your senior.

When the time comes and you are looking for affordable assisted living for the elderly in your family, you will be extremely pleased with what you see when you visit The Country House retirement home in Ossining.