So many parties include random plates of sweets that do nothing to forward a theme or help guests create sweet memories. The shame is quality novelty chocolatiers make a wide range of candies perfect for every occasion. These can often be customized to match your event’s main colors or theme. Before you make the final touches to your party’s snack list, consider these tips for using customized chocolate hearts to connect with your guests.

Match Wrappers with Party Colors

Whether you’re putting together a dance, a sweet 16 party or a baby shower, you’re likely using two or three specific colors for décor. Help your refreshments blend in by selecting chocolate hearts with wrappers that match. Buying in bulk through an online novelty chocolate dealer will ensure you get the best taste at the best price. They often have dozens of wrapper colors to choose from.

Include Your Own Photo, Logo or Wording

For a slightly more expensive price, you may be able to have your own wrappers printed with graphics or wording of your choice. These kinds of party favors can be kept for years as sweet memories of an important day. You can also safely preserve the wrappers themselves after the chocolate has been nibbled away.

Package in Goody Bags Guests Can Take Home

If you’re having a small, intimate get-together, serving homemade desserts might mesh better than having candy dishes out. In these instances, personalized, bulk chocolate hearts are the perfect complement to goody bags that guests can take home to help them preserve memories of the party. Alternatively, they can be attached to thank you cards you later mail to their homes.

Use as Decorations

Depending on size, chocolate hearts can be created to blend in seamlessly with your party decorations. Strung together by wire, suspended from the ceiling, made to float in bowls of hot chocolate or placed atop other desserts, chocolate hearts can be transformed from a commonly seen snack to a unique and delightful twist on an old favorite.

Chocolate hearts are sweet for more reasons than one. High-quality novelty chocolatiers create them with quality in mind, from blemish-free designs to delectable flavors. Your uses for these happy little candies are limited only by your imagination. Thankfully, the professionals found at many online chocolate novelty shops are happy to help share their inspirations and ways their clients have successfully used items in the past. Make the most of your refreshment budget by purchasing high-quality snacks and beverages tailored to your celebration.