A professional plumber will tell you that not every plumbing mishap requires an emergency call to the nearest plumbing company. Some plumbing projects, like a leaky faucet or poorly operating water heater, might be simple DIY projects that most homeowners can handle on their own after a quick trip to a home and building supply store.

Employees of local hardware stores are often able to help homeowners locate the exact supplies used by plumbers. Thousand Oaks has a number of well-qualified plumbers to help when things get out of hand or you’re just unsure about fixing a plumbing project on your own. Here are some tips to help you decide whether or not you should attempt a DIY plumbing project or call a plumber.

Can You Take Apart Appliances?
Are you adept at pulling apart a leaky faucet or opening up your water heater? If you’re somewhat mechanically inclined, you can probably replace leaky valves or seals on your own. You can also find DIY tutorials that show you how to drain sediment from a water heater or replace the stopper on your toilet.

If you struggle with pulling appliances apart and putting them back together properly, you probably need the help of Thousand Oaks plumbers. Professional plumbers can quickly pull apart sinks, drains, and water heaters to diagnose and repair any problems.

Plumbing Problems Under Your Home
Many homeowners will struggle with fixing plumbing problems taking place underneath their home, or within the pipes running through the walls. Unless you’re a home builder and have experience running plumbing lines through homes, it’s best to leave large jobs to plumbers. Thousand Oaks plumbing professionals can easily diagnose problems within the plumbing system of your home, and you won’t risk trying to fix something and end up making the problem the worse.