The market for gold is on the rise. According to current assessment gold is currently being quoted at about $1600 US dollars an ounce. Gold buyers are looking for just about anything that has gold in it, making now the time to Sell Coins Greenville and cash in on your trinkets.

Before you Sell Coins Greenville, there are many aspects of the business that people interested in selling their gold should be aware of.

First, you can sell anything with gold in it. Think of all those bits of broken jewelry you might be holding onto. Gold buyers will buy pendants, chains, class rings, watches, coins, even gold dental pieces. You can also sell gold plated dinnerware or real silver cutlery. Most gold buyers will also buy other precious metals such as platinum and silver as well. If your jewelry has other precious stones in it, that just makes the item more valuable.

Second, you will need to know what you have, and an idea of the value of your pieces. Because gold is a soft metal it is most likely mixed with other metals to ensure strength and lasting durability in the items. Most pieces of jewelry will be inscribed with the purity somewhere on the piece. It won’t be 24 karat gold, as that is pure gold and too soft, but you may see 18 karat, 12 karat, etc. If your piece isn’t marked a ‘scratch test’ can be done to evaluate the purity. Kits can be purchased online or you can take your pieces to a local jeweler for help.

Third, when you Sell Coins Greenville you will need to know how gold is measured. A standard ounce is 28 grams, but jewelers use the Troy ounce which is 31.1 grams and some buyers use pennyweights which are 1.555 grams. Sellers need to make sure that they are being paid by the gram, not the pennyweight system to ensure that they’re getting the best price for their gold.

Now that you have an idea of what you have and are ready to sell, where does one sell their gold? Some Sell Coins Greenville, some sell online, but wherever you decide, make sure you do your research first to get the very best price for your valuables.