Ever wondered what exactly closed circuit television (CCTV) is and if you can get CCTV in Chicago? CCTV, otherwise known as closed circuit television, is the term for the system a business uses to transmit video signals to private monitors from video cameras that are installed on their premises. Sometimes these cameras are obvious so as to discourage theft, and other times the cameras are covert, so a business owner or government entity can see what is going on without those being taped being aware of it.

Closed Circuit television is how they record videos of the cash registers in convenience stores, the gas pumps at gas stations, and the doors at a major retailer. CCTV is used to monitor the most secure places in the city such as banks, government buildings, airports, high end retail stores, and military installations. Usually these video cameras will record activity around the clock, giving security personnel a way to view those who may be trying to conduct illegal or dishonest activity on their premises.

CCTV in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles has been used in the last several decades for the filming of reality shows and other popular series where people are taped in “real life” situations. The reality of this type of entertainment can be debated, however, the technology that has made all of these things possible is closed circuit television. Education institutions have also benefitted from this technology, making it possible to conduct distance education college courses in high schools for advanced students. Many high school students who are accelerated and motivated can now graduate with many college classes already finished, reducing the cost and time that it will take them to complete their degree.

CCTV is also becoming more commonly installed in homes for security purposes, or for monitoring of nurseries and swimming pools. This rise in popularity is due mostly to the advancement of technology and the lower cost of video cameras, web cameras and computers. However, not all video cameras used in homes are considered CCTV, so businesses and government entities rely on competent security companies to help them determine their needs and install their CCTV systems. This ensures that the cameras and recording equipment is reliable and of high quality. For CCTV in Chicago and other major cities, visit your local security services provider.

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