A bright, white smile always makes a great first impression. Many people, however, are not blessed with a perfect grin. Missing and discolored teeth are common complaints. There is good news, however. A local dental professional may be able to bring your smile back to life. If you are missing a few teeth, consider some of the latest innovations in Tooth Replacement Chicago.

Missing teeth are not always the result of neglect. While tooth loss is common in people with poor dental hygiene, even those who brush and floss regularly may need to have a tooth pulled. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss, and it is often caused by genetics. Teeth may also be lost after an accident. Others even choose to have teeth pulled that are not cosmetically pleasing. While ill-fitting dentures used to be the only way to fill in missing teeth, they are becoming a thing of the past. Dentists are now recommending permanent dental implants to their patients. Implants are the most realistic and durable option for Tooth Replacement Chicago. A steel post is surgically placed into the jaw, where it fuses with the bone. Once healed, a strong porcelain crown is screwed onto the post. Implants look and work as good as natural teeth.

Some people are not ideal candidates for implants. Only a Cosmetic Dentist can determine if your bone structure is suitable for the steel post. If implants are not an option, your dentist will help you choose another treatment. Bridges may be a good solution for some patients. Unlike dentures, a bridge is a permanent structure. In order to prepare for a bridge, the teeth surrounding the extraction site must be filed down. The bridge fits over top these teeth and is glued into place. Bridges are ideal for people who are only missing one or two teeth.

While no one wants to lose a tooth, it is sometimes unavoidable. Depending on your circumstances, a dental implant or bridge may be able to fill in the gap. Talk with a reputable dentist to see which option if right for you. Missing teeth are no longer a reason to hide your smile.