If you are experiencing problems with different fixtures in your home at the same time it may be a sign that you have sewer problems. Problems can occur in faucets, drains, toilets and tubs or shower. If all of these fixtures are displaying problems of backlog, leaking or not working at all, then you may be in need of sewer repairs in Germantown TN. Through a variety of techniques including closed circuit television (CCTV), cameras, visual inspection and even lamping, a professional will be able to asses the damage and make accurate sewer repairs.

Another way to tell if you are having problems with your sewer line is a distinctive smell that non-oxygenated bacteria can leave behind. If your fixtures are showing no sign of acting up, then perhaps a concentrated smell of hydrogen sulfide in and around your drains may be a signal. If you have access to the drainage at the clean-out area. You can begin by unscrewing the protective screen and looking at the surface at the drain. You should not be able to see any water, if you do, then there is a clear indication that there is a back-up in your sewer line and Sewer Repairs Germantown TN must be performed by professionals in your area.

In order to be kept properly functioning, sewers must be on a cleaning schedule. There are different types of cleaning from mechanical, hydraulic, scooter, kites, bags, silt traps, grease traps, and chemicals. Depending on the sewer lines, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has standards on which cleaning method is preferable for preventative maintenance in your area. Also, depending on the sewer lines and the age of the system, avoiding a simple back-up with careful home maintenance may prevent bigger problems down the line. Most problems occur from a small back-up causing a bigger one with increased damage to, if not bursting, pipes.

Under mechanical cleaning you have two choices of either rodding or a bucket machine. For hydraulic choices you have balling, flushing, and jetting. The other choices, apart from some of the over-the-counter chemicals that can be purchased, will require professional sewer repairs to help correct the clogged issues.