Biting bed bugs have grown to be a serious problem across the country over the past several years. Although they have been with human civilization for thousands of years, they’ve been fairly controlled in the modern era. bed bug exterminators in NYC have been working hard to eradicate these pests from the homes of people from all over the region. These insects are small; approximately the size of an apple seed. They do not have wings. Their appearance is flat, and appears to be a reddish-brown hue. It is scary to think that their entire diet consists of only blood.

One of the reasons why they are so difficult to eradicate is because they can survive for long periods of time without eating. Their shape is a great advantage to them, allowing these insects to hide in cracks and thin crevices such as in mattress seams, in bedding, and behind baseboards. The sneaky bugs usually prefer to feed at night when their victims are likely to be asleep and unaware. Once they are finished with their meals, the bugs return to their hiding spaces.

Signs of bed bugs include stains from their bodily functions, and casings from when they molt. Bed bugs also tend to congregate in groups and release a sweet, but stinky scent. bed bug exterminators can locate sources of bed bug infestation and recommend a course of action.

Not all people notice that they are being bitten by the insects. Red welts are left on a victim’s skin, but can be shrugged off as coming from another source. These bites can be an annoying issue for some, because the bites can itch and also cause allergic reactions in some people. This is manifested in the form of a rash near the bite site.

Bed bugs can be found in just about any situation. Cleanliness is not a factor for infestation. Many homes receive unwanted visitors from traveling. Hotels may harbor the vermin, who then hitch a ride in luggage and are brought to a new home. Controlling them can be difficult once they are entrenched, so if there are signs, the advice of a professional may be needed.