You may have gone throughout the various retail and drugstores and seen many different OTC teeth whitening kits. The question most people have is how effective they are at whitening teeth that are yellow and stained. Finding a teeth whitening kit that works is a matter of trial and error. Some work far better than others and there are some that don’t seem to work at all. However, if you’re looking for the best Teeth Whitening West Creek, your best option is going to be to visit an experienced dentist that offers teeth whitening procedures.

Once you make an appointment, you’ll typically have a few different options for the type of teeth whitening procedure that is performed. In virtually every case, the dentist will use a high concentration hydrogen peroxide gel that is applied directly to the teeth. Some dentists use light technology in concert with the hydrogen peroxide gel in order to speed up the chemical reaction and give you whiter teeth in a shorter period of time.

This method of using either a blue light or an argon laser light is known as photopolymerization. Teeth whitening can be done with or without the light. In fact, many dentist prefer to go without as there are some questions as to the safety of using a light to speed up the procedure.

For teeth that are exceptionally stained, the dentist may require another teeth whitening treatment, typically in a week or two, depending on how long any tooth sensitivity that results from a teeth whitening treatment abates. In other cases, the dentist may make a dental impression on your teeth to create a tray that you can take home with you and apply the tray filled with hydrogen peroxide gel so that you can whiten your teeth at home. This will take a bit more time than it would at an in office procedure, but it is an alternative to having to come into the experienced dentist office for a second Teeth Whitening procedure.

Whatever method your dentist uses for Teeth Whitening West Creek, you can be assured that in a very short period of time you will have a white smile that you can be proud of. This will require a great deal less trial and error and will be much faster than any over the counter teeth whitening treatment kit can offer.