Landscaping is the art of outdoor design. As an art it requires both skill and imagination. Practically anyone can learn the techniques involved in this art but surprisingly few can master them. Landscape design is often considered by many people to be simple lawn mowing or the placement of plants and bark mulch but these are just a few of the services your landscape designer can provide. Perhaps the most important aspect in landscaping is the design and planning stage. Many factors are considered during this portion of the work. The landscape designer must consider the property layout, water drainage and native features of the property along with any new features the land owner may desire. One important step is the planning for the St. Petersburg Irrigation which is usually put in place at the beginning of the landscaping job. They must take into consideration any native flora the property owner may wish to keep while defining the focal points which will make the various yard areas pop. Some interesting and useful features your landscaper can provide include the use of decorative concrete, garden arches and arbors, landscaped stairs, garden paths and walkways, retaining walls and patio areas. Decorative concrete is very useful for sitting areas and walkways and the concrete can come in many shapes and colors. Arbors and arches are an excellent method of presenting entrances or defining access to another area of the yard or garden. Landscaped stairs are useful on properties with slopes or hilly terrain while garden paths and walkways can separate the property into different areas. Retaining walls are often useful when leveling portions of the land while patios offer the owner another area for sitting or congregating with friends. All these features require planning and none can be installed until the proper placement of St. Petersburg Irrigation. In modern society we use our yards for many purposes such as family gatherings and friendly parties. When we invite our friends and neighbors to these gatherings and we want them to feel as comfortable in them as possible. On the other hand, we also want them to be impressed with the environment so we can bask in their praise while they enjoy themselves.


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