Since before Tom Sawyer cajoled his friends into whitewashing a picket fence, people have debated the best way to keep a fence freshly painted and in good condition. While wood fences look amazing when they are well-maintained, that maintenance can be time consuming and expensive. Many homeowners have decided that a Vinyl fence Dallas landscape feature is the best way to improve their curb appeal.

If a homeowner wants a classic white picket fence to define their yard and flower beds, they have the same choices as the homeowner who selects a wood fence. A Vinyl fence Dallas company can provide many vinyl picket fence styles. There’s the classic picket fence, with triangle shaped tops all placed at the same height. For variation, the tops of the pickets can be placed at varying heights to form a scallop shape. Some homeowners prefer that a rail close the top of the picket fence giving it a very clean and more modern line. A picket fence is not a good choice for homeowners who want to deter intruders or use a fence to create a private space.

For those issues, homeowners need to install a privacy fence. These are usually between six to eight feet tall. Many communities require a permit to install one. Placing these types of fences on a boundary line between homes can be an issue. A smart homeowner leaves enough of their property on the outside of the fence to maintain it, without having to step on their neighbor’s property. The good thing about installing a Vinyl fence Dallas enclosure is that it’s easy to keep clean. A hose and soft cloth will make it sparkle in no time. That means less time on the boundary line and less complaints from neighbors about an eyesore.

Fencing isn’t always optional. Pool owners are required by law to maintain a fence that will prevent people from gaining access to the pool. Often homeowners can’t believe the difference when they replace an original pool fence with a crisp new vinyl fence. The fencing company will ensure that it complies with all local pool fence ordinances. They will also be able to suggest a fence that complements the backyard landscape perfectly.