One of the complex components of our automobiles is the transmission system. Transmissions take the raw power from the running engine and turn it into rotating torque which drives the axles. There are essentially two types of transmissions, both of which are easily repaired by Experienced Transmission in Honolulu mechanics, the fluid driven automatic and the clutch based standard. The nomenclature actually specifies how the transmission’s gears are shifted. In the automatic, the driver simply picks the direction indicator, allowing of course for one or two lower versions of (D)rive in case the vehicle is pulling a load. The standard version requires the driver use the clutch and shift the gear selection as required for road conditions, speed and so forth.

When your transmission fails due to neglect, wear and tear, or (hopefully) many miles of usage, you want it repaired by qualified and Experienced Transmission in Honolulu mechanics. Depending on the failure, repair can vary from simple fluid and filter changes to overhauling the original transmission or even replacing the old transmission with a new or factory rebuilt version. Which route to choose is often up to you and perhaps the type of transmission you own. In general, standard transmissions can last for several hundred thousand miles although they will need the clutch and related parts replaced more often. It is a bit more difficult to estimate the life of an automatic transmission but you should get at least one hundred thousand miles or more. Keeping the fluid and filter changed regularly will help the automotive owner extend the life of their automatic transmission.

When your transmission has reached it end of life service you have the option of an overhaul or replacement.Overhauling an automatic transmission is a complex task as there are a great many seals, gears and other pieces which must fit in a particular pattern. Failure to do this right will result in a transmission which will quickly fail but it is an excellent option for the budget minded. Replacement usually is done with a rebuilt transmission but all parts which will wear are replaced with factory new items. Getting a brand new replacement rarely happens except in the case of very recent model vehicles where there are few cores for the rebuilding industry to take advantage of.