According to the automotive industry, the average cost of a new car is more than $28,000. An investment of that amount needs to be properly maintained and cared for on a regular basis. One of the best ways to protect your car and keep it looking new is by regularly having it cleaned and auto detailed.

You may think running your car through the local car wash is a good way to get and keep your vehicle clean. Unfortunately, car washes use harsh chemicals that over time can adversely affect the vehicle’s trim, rubber and paint. A professional Car Detail in Baltimore will instead use gentle cleaners, and solvents and solutions that will help your car’s paint job last through the years.

A full service auto detailing should start by thoroughly washing your car, removing bugs and tar and cleaning the undercarriage wheels and tires. A reputable auto detailing company will then use auto detailing clay to remove dust, dirt and other contaminates from your car’s exterior surfaces. This process known as “claying” involves rubbing the clay along the surface of your car’s paint allowing it to grab anything that protrudes. This cleaning method is a preferred option because done properly claying will not remove any paint. Diamond Detail Inc. of Baltimore employees have training and certification in car detailing so the process will be done appropriately. If the claying is not done correctly, it can be abrasive or damaging to your car.

After the claying process is completed, a polish should be applied to the car. This polishing should remove fine scratches, swirl marks, oxidation and other imperfections from the paint surface. On the interior, the doors, dashboard, center console and between the seats should be clean thoroughly. A quality detailing job would also include vacuuming the trunk and cleaning the spare tire.

The final steps in the process should include conditioning the leather, steam cleaning all carpet and material and cleaning the headliner. If the entire procedure is done meticulously and carefully, the final results will be a car that could almost pass for brand new.

Having a car auto detailed on a regular basis is a great way to for any car owner to protect their investment. Whether you are preparing a car to be sold, or simply want to maintain the look, auto detailing services are the best place to start.