The CDC, Center for Disease Control has reported that the rates of tooth decay in children are on the rise. The results of their investigations indicate that an alarming 25 percent of toddlers and pre-school children and up to 50 percent of pre-teens have cavities; the rates are higher in low income families.

What is causing the rise in incidence?

No one wants their children to get cavities, they are painful and they are also an expense that can be avoided. The problem is, parents are allowing their kids to engage in habits that promote decay, including:

  • Consuming too many sugar laced drinks and juices.
  • Drinking soda or juice after the child has gone to bed.
  • Continuous snacking especially junk food
  • Eating far too much candy; gummy type candy is especially problematic as it gets between the teeth and requires flossing to remove properly.
  • Drinking bottled water instead of tap water which still contains fluorides

Perhaps the greatest contributors to early cavities is not getting into the habit of twice daily brushing from the moment the first tooth appears and not taking the child for his or her first appointment at the Dentist In Massapequa NY.

Children may balk at cleaning their teeth religiously but whether they like it not, as the parent you are going to have to put your foot down and insist that twice daily brushing becomes a habit. At first you may have to give the child some inducement, perhaps letting him or her brush their teeth along with you as you brush yours. Once they are finished, make a big scene about inspecting the job they did, topping it up if necessary. Kids will want to please but you must understand that up until about the age of eight they will need reinforcement and help in doing a good job at brushing.

The first visit to the dentist:

Teeth decay so it stands to reason that as soon as the first tooth emerges decay can potentially start. As a result, children should see the dentist in Massapequa NY at about this time. A pediatric dentist is preferable at this time as both you and your child can get instructions on how to maintain the teeth and gums right from the start.

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