Recently there has been a real estate renaissance for Scarborough. The condo sector for Scarborough is going to see a major spurt of growth in the near future. These projects are speculated to be less expensive and offer more affordable real estate housing choices. Scarborough is one of Toronto’s oldest suburbs. In the past it was nothing other than a mere collection of rural villages. Today it is a thriving and growing cultural community full of diversity and a bounty of Scarborough real estate listings.

A Better Option

Scarborough is fast becoming a better option for those that want to purchase a condominium. Condo developers are adding new projects to the area to supplement the condos that are already in place. Scarborough may be outside of busy Toronto, but it remains an excellent dwelling choice due to the location of highways nearby that make commuting easier. There is also a subway extension underway that will provide a link to the city.

Family Friendly Communities

There is a wide variety of facilities in the Scarborough infrastructure that are family friendly. This is perfect for new couples getting ready to start a family or for established families that want to live in an environment that is more family friendly. There are many condos for sale that are listed with realtors and development companies that offer two and three bedroom residences. Couple family friendly growth with being able to find more affordable real estate in Scarborough and the market for purchasing condos is more accessible for many people.

Good Investment Opportunities

Whether the purchase of a condo is for the use of living or rental, buying real estate in Scarborough is becoming a better choice than ever before. Affordable price points that are under $400 per square foot with parking space are nearly unheard of elsewhere. Given the ups and downs of the economy, it is a good idea to purchase condos while the prices are low in order to make a good investment. With more development happening in the area, prices are likely to increase in the future. For those ready to move to an area with a good transit system, community amenities, work, parks, schools, access to shopping and access to highways, Scarborough real estate options can help you find the perfect condo.