In the not too distant past a handbag was a handbag, a practical necessity to store your things whenever you left the house. Somehow, and in some way, in the last 20 or so years the handbag has achieved a whole new level of status. Wholesale designer handbags sales have increased astronomically as demand at the consumer level continues to rise.

Why the Change?

One very important aspect to consider in the fashion importance of the humble handbag is the entire role of the woman in society. Since the end of WWII women have changed their role from that of homemaker and partner to professional and trend setter. As the handbag is a necessity for most women, it is only natural that the demand for designer labels would soon increase.

The Benefit of Designer Handbags

Women that carry designer handbags present an image and are making a specific type of fashion statement. Wholesale designer handbags are available from virtually every designer, and each sends a distinctive message and impression.

This message can range from ultra-sleek and professional to whimsical and casual, but the association with the designer is evident. It speaks to a style, a personality and an appreciation for true quality and value.

Buying Wholesale Designer Handbags

Wholesale designer handbags are the ideal option for dressing up any wardrobe. By selecting the right designer handbag, and getting it at a lower wholesale price, you can choose that special bag that can be used on a daily basis or kept for special occasions.

Stores and online retailers may want to select one specific designer and offer a range of his or her handbags. You may also want to consider expanding your potential customer base by included different designers. Since designers tend to cater towards a specific fashion target group, having a variety of handbags by different designers tends to increase your customer base.

Stocking wholesale designer handbags really offers your customers the best possible buying experience. With the designer label you are assured of quality and durability as well as long lasting fashion.