Florida is known for its hot temperatures all year round. Often, the air conditioning is needed during the winter months. Thus, a typical air conditioning unit sees a lot of use. With such a demand on these units, it is necessary to ensure that there is regular maintenance done on the system. Break downs are most likely to occur during the summer months because the demand on the units is very high. These are some things that the maintenance service will look at during their service calls.

One of the big things that is looked at by the air conditioning services in Sarasota FL is the filters. Clean filters are essential to providing proper air flow and cooling to the home. When filters become clogged or dirty, they become ineffective and can stop air flow. While it is a simple fix to replace dirty filters, some air conditioning units can be difficult to access.

Another thing that the service will look at is the electrical wires. They will look for any broken wires or any breaks in the plastic sheathing protecting the wires. Animals are often in the bad habit of chewing on things and the air conditioning electrical system is no exception. If the service finds any breaks in the system, they will recommend a replacement. This type of repair is unavoidable and should be done as quickly as possible to prevent a fire hazard or someone accidentally getting injured.

The air conditioning unit will also be inspected by the air conditioning services in Sarasota FL for possible coolant leaks. Coolant leaks are a major problem that can unnoticed if they are small. A leak in the cooling will eventually burn out a unit and require a replacement. Plus, the coolant is hazardous to both children and animals.

These are just a few items on the checklist for maintenance of an air conditioning unit. It is important that these hardworking pieces of machinery get the proper maintenance done before and during the summer months. This way, you can have the cooling you need when you need it in Florida.