An asphalt driveway can add beauty to a home and certainly increase the curb appeal while leaving the owners proud of their property. What could be wrong with this. Well, sometimes the asphalt driveway can look bad with cracks, pot holes, heaved areas, spider webbing or an area of alligator-like cracking.

Driveway Paving in Norwich, CT offer several repairs which will make your driveway look like new. Conventional patching is a long term solution which involves cutting out the problem asphalt down to the sub-base and installing and compacting 2 inches of hot bituminous binder, followed by installing and compacting 1 inch of hot bituminous concrete. These products are intended to be level with the existing pavement. The paving joint is then sealed with a special asphalt sealer.

Certain areas of the driveway can be cut, and bituminous concrete can be installed over the problem spot. The joints should be sealed.
Surface deterioration of the driveway can be caused by the sun and the rain along with chemicals left by cars. Oxidation is a sign of aging, fatigue, and the general surface deterioration. The cracks that form in the driveway will allow water to get down to the sub-base and cause major damage and add to the deterioration of the driveway.

Crack sealing is not only the most important preventative maintenance procedure you can do, but repairing cracks before they become too big is extremely important. If they are not repaired, then they will eventually grow to be an unsavory sight to look at, and they will result in expensive repairs. Water entering into the sub-base will create problems with the sub-base and with the surface of the driveway. Driveway Paving in Norwich, CT prevents the need for extensive repairs. Read more

When the repairs are made, they can be seal coated using our high tech equipment which installs hot joint sealants which will seal the cracks shut. The entire driveway can be hot sealed with a special sealer. Generally, asphalt seal coats are made of asphalt emulsions with other paving-grade asphalt binders. Modifiers are often added which includes rubber. Whatever type you use, Seal Coating is the product which will do the most to preserve the asphalt driveway, and it will give the driveway a rich look. The Driveway Guys of CT can do all of this and more to enhance the appeal and look of your driveway.