Prenuptial Agreements in Suffolk County are written agreements created by a couple before getting married. They list all the property and debt owned by each person and specific property rights each person has after the marriage. Some people think prenups are only for the wealthy, which is not true.

In the past, the main reason for getting a prenup was to protect the assets of a rich fiance. On the other hand, middle class couples are using them for other reasons. Individuals with children may want to pass previously own property to their children. This agreement allows for the person’s wishes to be carried out after death. The surviving spouse may have a larger portion of the property than the children without the prenup, which leaves less for the surviving kids. Clarifying financial responsibilities is another reason why someone may get this agreement. This option is available regardless of being wealthy or not or having children. Some people want to clarify their responsibilities and financial rights during the marriage.

Most people hope their relationship does not end in divorce, but want to be prepared for the worst. Divorces can become a long battle because of arguing and not wanting to compromise. Some people want to prevent the arguments in case of a divorce by getting a prenup. The agreement states how property should be divided and whether or not either spouse gets alimony. You should also read the laws for alimony in your state or contact Cobert, Haber and Haber of Suffolk County about your rights. Many states do not allow for spouses to give up their rights for alimony. If the spouse chooses to waive his or her alimony rights, this decision is scrutinized heavily, and the judge will not accept the agreement if a lawyer was not present when the agreement was signed.

Prenups protect spouses from each others debts and can address a variety of other issues. Couples who are planning to get married should contact a Lawyer for Prenuptial Agreements in Suffolk County about their concerns. Prenuptial Agreements in Suffolk County are good financial decisions and protect each individual’s assets.