People have always looked for novel and inexpensive ways to decorate their homes while still giving them a special style. In the late eighteen hundreds this unique decoration became possible for average homeowners with the advent of the tin ceiling. This decorating process was often used as a simple way to imitate the grand plaster ceilings of the more lavish homes while remaining affordable for the middle class homeowner. The Tin Ceiling Brooklyn NY caught on so well that there were at least forty five companies marketing metal ceilings before nineteen hundred and thirty. Sadly, this interesting decorative ceiling began to fall out of fashion after this point as home styles became a bit simpler. Visit for more details.

Historically, these tin plates were made by dropping a heavy ram onto a bottom die and stamping the metal with a specific design. These designs were generally styled after plaster roofing and the tin was often painted white to give it that plaster look. Because they were made from metal, tin ceilings were designed to last. They could survive fire damage and years of use as long as there was little moisture to cause the metal to rust. To avoid some of these problems the modern adaptations of tin ceilings come in a variety of materials including brass plated, solid copper, stainless steel and chrome plated. To allow them to fit with a variety of decors most manufacturers also provide a large range of readily available colors.

Installation methods for metal ceilings include steel suspension, wood suspension, snap in pan, lay-in and lay-in regular as well as the more common nail up on the ceiling. Basic design layouts include symmetrical and lighting oriented versions. Like any home decoration the tin or metal ceiling may occasionally need repair. The plates may come loose over time or the home could suffer damage. To ensure your home looks it’s best contractors such as Abingdon Construction offer both installation and repair of metal ceilings. Likewise, the can also offer advice on the best tin ceiling designs and materials to suit your home’s decor as well as which materials will work best in your particular climate.