It is probably true to say that very few enterprises today operate without some sort of computerization; the differences will come in terms of how far they have gone in allowing computers to, more or less, run the business. Most will have computer programs to see to the customer enquiry, quotation and order processing; these will run alongside programs to arrange the supply of raw materials and goods in. They then feed into a system for planning and controlling production (if a manufacturing enterprise); or, finished goods (if re-selling). Inventory control and dispatching systems will also be computerized (as will internal administration matters like payroll, etc and, lest we forget: invoicing and collections).

A Well Oiled Machine

This computerized enterprise is, hopefully, running smoothly under its IT supervision; things come in and are prepared for passing on to the customers; but, there is one more thing that needs to be smoothly integrated into the overall system. This is :- “how to ensure that the customer gets exactly what has has ordered; delivered to him in good condition and in a timely manner”. It does not matter if the means of transport is to be by road, rail, air or sea; the transport stage of the supply chain operation is referred to as shipping and adequate Shipping Software is not always available from the main, entire, enterprise planning IT systems.

But, It Has To Run All The Way To The Customer’s Door

If your enterprise only had one product, in one size and type, and everything had to be sent to only one place; your shipping would be an easy exercise in logistics. However, that scenario hardly exists; businesses are more likely to have a considerable number of distinct products with each one available in a range of sizes and a variety of designs, sizes, colors and finishes. Mixtures of all these will then have to be shipped to numerous customers; possibly on a world wide scale.

There will be transportation companies who are excellent for one type of consignment to certain specific destinations; but, not very good for other consignments to other destinations; more than one freight carrier will certainly be needed and, probably, quite a few will have to be used; each one will have their own computerised documentation that your Shipping Software will have to link into. Anyone shipping, even quite a small volume, should pay attention to properly integrating their Shipping Software into their master IT system.

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